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Super Movers of WindsorEssex is a full service, end-to-end moving company that has served WindsorEssex County for many years. We are local, family owned and take great pride in removing all the stress associated with moving from our clients’ minds. We have friendly and experienced crew members who deliver a premium travel experience in every move we support. We show up on time, are polite, treat your belongings as we would ours, and we do it all without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, quality and capable moving company, and treat you like a real person (not just another number like a company in many countries), give us a call at Super Movers at WindsorEssex and have a chance to speak about your moving needs. We are local, but we are a very popular and reputable moving company. We move approximately 50 times a month and have been doing so throughout the county for many years. This provides us with a level of experience and expertise unmatched by other conventional moving companies. When we execute all your moving needs smoothly and with care, you can witness the benefits of this experience with your own eyes.

Packaging & Unpacking

Remove all stress and let us do everything for you, from start to finish. Complete packaging and unpacking services

house Moves

We have experience in moving, we can move, the number of rooms, tents, stairs varies, everything!

Commercial Moves

Nothing is too big for us. We have extensive experience in moving stores, restaurants and large corporate offices.

Long Distance Moves

The distance will not be too long for us. We can handle it in all states and even coastal areas. Give us a call!

Single Heavy Item Moves

Be it a piano, large refrigerator, vending machine, freezer, etc., we have professional knowledge to fully assist you.

moving company truck

Condo Apartment moves

We can also help you move in or out of the apartment. We have really seen it all. Call us for some inquiries and free estimates!

professional moving company movers moving your belongings

We’re not just in the business of providing moving services. We offer you “Peace of Mind” services

Moving home these days has become a routine part of many of our lives. Without exception, this is painful and irritating trivia that no one expects. Our company’s mission is to completely eliminate this fear as you and your family move closer. Our carriers can handle everything you need to move:

  • Free on-call consultation to examine the leading and most helpful arrange for your move and an appealing, no-obligation cite for your needs
  • Packing up at start of moving, and unpacking at the new home
  • Sensible dismantling and get together of furniture and assets
  • Provides goods such as boxes, wardrobe boxes, chests of drawers, dolls and other special equipment
  • Protection of fragile items such as appliances, furniture, pianos and delicate decorations to prevent movement damage and dents Packaging
  • Suitable size trucks are also provided The appropriate number of movements depending on the size of movement and other characteristics

Why we may be the best moving company not just in Windsor, but all of Ontario

We don’t intend to make attestations of being the awesome company in town. Any remaining moving companies appear to do that a lot on their sites! We simply have some strong thinking and proof that persuades we may be the best. If it’s not too much trouble, call us to discover yourself.

Super Movers Of Windsor-Essex appeared as a company with a dream: to offer the city of Windsor and rest of the province a moving assistance that is straightforward, experienced, submitted and committed to ‘Contact’ the existences of its clients and the local area decidedly. The littlest of moves can be very upsetting without appropriate and qualified movers. Dissimilar to for most other moving companies, at Super Movers of Windsor-Essex, a move isn’t just moving boxes and furniture starting with one point then onto the next. It is far beyond that.

It is another page in your life, a fresh start with new expectations for a significantly more promising time to come. At the point when you enlist us to help you launch this wonderful change, we deal with it like an honor. For each move for every one of our customers, we make it our solitary goal to blow away your assumptions and convey an uncommon moving encounter. The moving company you enlist are the primary specialist co-ops at your new home or business environment. Envision being excited by their service and all-grins as you get comfortable appropriately interestingly at your new residence. That is the thing that we at Super Movers at Windsor-Essex guarantee to convey to you.

Modestly, it is this level of sympathy alongside high experience, skill and ability at executing moves that perhaps settles on us your best trucking organization decision, possibly across Ontario.

Reasons to hire Super Movers of Windsor-Essex

moving truck


Our moving crew is experienced, fully insured and connected with all types of moving. A three-ton refrigerator, six-seat grand piano, furniture of every size imaginable, a 400-square-foot studio eight-bedroom mansion, and everything in between. We are efficient and treat your belongings like our own. When you hire us, you know the moving thing is going right

moving truck


Depending on the size of your moving, the size of the truck you need, the number of moving items you need, and other characteristics of your moving, we provide you with a quote tailored to your moving needs without hidden fees and tricks. We pride ourselves on being very affordable movers, and we offer quality unmatched by the most expensive movers. Call us now to get a free duty free quote

moving truck


We offer modern trucks of the right size for your travel requirements. We have multipurpose movers and employees, and we assign the right people to meet your special service requirements. We have specially trained piano mobiles, super heavy equipment mobiles, etc., so you can get the expertise you need. We use efficient rotation and other heavy weight levers to ensure safe and efficient movement.

quality moving services by professionals


We don’t just move your belongings from one location to another. We offer complete packaging services, packaging supplies, general disassembly and assembly and, where possible, storage solutions. We can meet all your moving needs under one roof. ours. This is convenient and cheaper than going to multiple service providers for different aspects of moving.

best customer service moving company


Efforts to provide the most professional and comfortable customer experience from the moment you first call for a mover’s quote, after packaging articles and mobile operators provide professional services, until you leave your new over-residential office doing. We communicate openly and transparently, stay punctual at your address, arrive and strive not to be surprised along the way. We do more than any of our customers’ transactions. We’re working hard to build long-term relationships so we don’t need Google the next time we move. Your mobile phone number is saved!

moving truck


We travel more than 50 times a month to and from the Windsor Essex area is a neighborhood thing and we’ve been doing this for a long time. And we make all kinds of moves, whether we’re moving caged homes, townhomes, condos, offices, shops, and more. Ontario is like the back of our hand. Our movers are the ones you’ll have and best fit all your moving needs

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are totally valuable in HomeStars, Howl, google and places like this. We offer mobile phones and opportunities that can provide a stress-free white glove movement intervention that can’t be returned again!

“It’s nice to be choosing Super Mover, which was our first major move in Ontario. The entire move was performed very professionally. The crew guaranteed a problem-free shift that was familiar with their work. Even at a very competitive price. recommendation”

“We had an incredible time in Super Movers. We had some huge furniture in three unique layers and moved without scratches. Additionally, with a short notification to a genuinely close cutoff time. Finished, and the entire interaction was extremely close. The straightforwardness cost was likewise truly sensible and the chief mover was thoughtful!”

“The company is run by an efficient and professional team. It was a great experience from start to finish. We recommend the crew for all honest and reliable work.”

Detailed moving check-list for your convenience

planning your move carefully

About 8 weeks before moving day:

  • Start shopping with a professional moving company. Don’t book someone whom you speaks first. Call a few people to get a quote, not only the hourly wage, but also the moving quote period. In order to avoid as much unpleasant surprises as possible, we ask which services were included and which were not. Check out our online reviews to ensure that you hire only the best moving companies. WindsorEsex Super Mover offers the best rates and shares with you the most efficient and completely transparent prices and quotes. Call us for a free no-obligations quote I’m sure we like it the most. We are a family-owned moving company.
  • Begin making arrangements for which family things would you like to give or in any case dispose of by selling on facebook and other such commercial centers. Begin calling non-benefit gift accepting centers and book a get or drop-off time with them well ahead of time. A few our suggestions are Mission Thrift Store and Windsor’s own Habitat for Humanity.
  • Have an actual file or computer folder and start tracking all director related expense and tax deduction receipts you can receive when making a donation. Moving expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, food expenses are all tax deductible. Please consult your tax accountant for more information on tax matters.

About 4 weeks before moving day:

  • Make sure you schedule the furniture in the house you are going to dispose of to be purchased or removed by yourself or by a local non-profit organization.
  • If you plan to buy board supplies and do it yourself, start to raise your home. Or leave it to our professional packaging companies and crew members. We know that there are millions associated with moving homes. Call to help and give the most painful work. Windsor’s Super Mover can definitely be your packer.
  • Set up mail delivery service by CanadaPost. It will start transferring all kinds of physical subscription services that you currently have in your home to your new address.
  • Start looking for and buying furniture that you may have planned for your new home. Many online retailers and even physical stores take weeks for delivery. You want to make sure you have everything you need, from moving to a new home.
  • Play “interior designer” for your new home. Prepare the floor plan to determine the furniture and personal belongings to enter the new home. This is useful when instructing a professional board member to drop the right item in the right room in a new home.
packers and movers moving your boxes and loading them into a van
planning your move and hiring professional movers

About 1 week before moving day:

  • Start cleaning and cutting electronics moving into your new home on your own
  • Start planning to wrap up fresh food before moving and plan last-day meals in your current home, even if you don’t have a full refrigerator to avoid food wastage
  • Complete packaging and labeling of items for convenience. Or you can give it to your packer and mover if you hired them for the entire moving package
  • Apply for a driver’s license, health card, vehicle registration, insurance, bank or credit card, IRS, workplace, all members, and even close relatives.
  • Be prepared to cut and transmit utility accounts, internet services, security system services, gas/oil, telephone (if you have one) and other such services
  • It’s a good idea to have a complete inventory checklist of items moving into your new home.

Moving day:

  • You should be available on the day of your move, together with our punctual and polite movers who will be helping you pack for the day
  • Always inform our movers of any special instruction you want for your belongings, call for this in advance
  • Before transport, check all the boxes and things that our movers have loaded in the truck
  • For the keys of your old home, leave it on the agreed location between you and the new owners
  • It’s a great idea to also be there at your new home during unloading, so you can uncheck your inventory list
  • It’s important to always prepare the money for your mover’s fee on that day
  • Start a new chapter in life in a new home. The best blessing for you from the Super Movers family in the Albuquerque region!
competent moving company, successful move, happy customer
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